Building a Lean Studio With an Indie Focus – October 2016

Sarah Smith of Smithsoft, based in Brisbane, Australia, presented a special edition of her Mobile Games Forum talk on managing a lean indie studio. A quick excerpt:

“…I take some of the essentials from classic lean ways of managing teams that originate in enterprise … and make them human, immediate and relevant for small indie game development teams that have a creative focus. There’s some key insights that have helped me run our studio on a shoestring and still deliver games. As indies we may have eschewed the “rat race” for all sorts of reasons, but as soon as the responsibility of running a studio falls to us, the same exact mistakes that leads to terrible practices like crunch and authoritarian designer-as-dictator can befall us – how do we avoid becoming that which we as indies despise! I have some insights & tricks that work for me after 15 years of running teams & founding a studio, maybe they’ll work for you too.”

Full slides and notes from the talk can be downloaded here.

Speaker Bio
With a background in Software Engineering for companies like Nokia & Google, Sarah Smith comes to game development with over a decade of mobile development experience. Building on love of games since creating Dungeons & Dragons modules on her own web-server while studying for a BSc (Comp Sci), Sarah opened Smithsoft in 2012. In January 2016 Smithsoft went to the next level moving to The Coterie to set up a studio. The new studio’s first title Pandora’s Books was developed by Sarah from Jan to Aug 2016.

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Special Thanks
Special thanks to Indies Workshop for hosting our talk and Puget Systems for sponsoring our snacks!

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