Music for Games – November Talk

November’s talk by Jason Rohona was both an instructive and delightful look into how composers work their magic, how to bridge the gap between developers and composers, and how to work effectively together to make your games more emotionally impactful from the get-go. Jason had some extremely insightful and useful tips for game-makers of all disciplines, and the talk was well worth attending!

If you couldn’t attend this month’s talk, never fear – you can view the presentation slides here.

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Speaker Bio
From a young age Jason was cultivating a passion for music and the power it has over the listener. “The ability that music has to move people to empathize with each other in the deepest mire as well as on the highest peak, I think, is it’s greatest asset.” Jason has always been fascinated with the emotional drive and influence of music. This fascination has given him an ability to work in a wide range of genres and to borrow from them their greatest strengths to create the best and most holistic score possible. Jason earned his Bachelor’s in Music Composition at Colorado Christian University and then his MM in Film Composition from the Pacific North West Film Scoring Program at the Seattle Film Institute.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to CNDY Factory for hosting our talk and Puget Systems for sponsoring our snacks!

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