IGDA Seattle brings together developers and empowers them to positively affect their career and the industry with:

IGDA Seattle relies entirely on the volunteer work provided by our members, and the generosity of local game studios & venues.

Who We Are

Tim Cullings

Tim is a Systems Engineer at Oculus by day and a Founding Board Member for Seattle Indies. Tim helped found GUILD, a support group for indie game developer community organizers and Games For Our Future, a multi-city game jam that brings together climate science researchers and game devs to make games about climate change related issues.

Erica Absetz

Erica is a Senior Data Analyst at Twitch. Previously, she worked for Wargaming and supported them through launching World of Tanks on console. In her spare time, she works as an Event Coordinator for Versatile Arts and you can usually find her swinging around on a trapeze bar when she isn't playing games.

Dave Mianowski

Dave works in Xbox 3rd party publishing, helping developers release their games on console. Since moving from development to publishing, he considers himself lucky to have worked with hundreds of the best indie and AAA game devs in the world. Any free time he manages to find is spent sailing, working on light-based art, and taking on far too many side projects.

Bilgem Cakir

Bilgem is a graphics/animation/simulation programmer who has shipped MMORPGs, graphics APIs and consumer devices. After two decades in corporate life (MS, AMZN, and a few startups), he is currently bootstrapping a AA game studio as cofounder and CTO.

Terence Tolman

Cami Smith

Cami Smith currently heads the Industry Relations role for the U.S. campuses of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment(AIE.edu). She is mission-driven about building a more inclusive and diverse community. If Cami had any free time, she would spend it playing Beat Saber and listening to podcasts, like RealityQuest.

Benjamin Premack

Ben is the Managing Partner at Premack Rogers P.C. where he practices video game law.

Terry Nguyen

Terry's day-to-day activities include reading manga, typing on clacky mechanical keyboards, and working through his gaming backlog. He can also be found teaching Game Programming at the Seattle campus of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

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