IGDA Seattle brings together developers and empowers them to positively affect their career and the industry with:

IGDA Seattle relies entirely on the volunteer work provided by our members, and the generosity of local game studios & venues.

Who We Are

Sela Davis

Sela is a Senior Software Engineer at VREAL (previously WG Cells & Xbox), and has been with IGDA Seattle since 2011.

Tim Cullings

Tim is a Systems Engineer at Oculus VR, Vice President of Seattle Indies, and previously worked at Airtight Games.

Dave Mianowski

Dave is a Developer Account Manager with over 4 years at Xbox, and previously worked at Microsoft and Nintendo.

Erica Absetz

Erica is a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Wargaming, and has been with IGDA Seattle since 2017.

Constance Chen

Constance is a Software Engineer, Secretary of Seattle Indies, and Web Administrator of GeekGirlCon.

Bilgem Cakir

Bilgem is an indie dev previously at Amazon and Microsoft, and handles IGDA Seattle's videography & photography.

Jeaneane Falkler

Jeaneane has been with IGDA Seattle since 2014, and is currently bringing her experience in games bizdev to Minecraft.

Terence Tolman

Terence is a 2D concept artist and 3D modeler currently at Against Gravity, and previously with IGDA Albany.

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